What is the Cafeteria Plan?


The cafeteria plan is a flexible benefits plan which allows our employees to choose from a “menu” of optional benefits that best fit their individual needs. Imagine being in your favorite restaurant or bar where you have a variety of options. It works pretty much the same with the Cafeteria Plan offered by Benefity.cz.


What do DTSE CZ employees like about the Cafeteria Plan?

They are appreciating easiness and effectiveness of this Benefit. They value, mostly, the wide range of opportunities offered and the simple way to access, book and manage them.
The Benefity catalog contains a large variety of services such as health, culture, sport, recreation, and education. Each employee receives a benefit card from DTSE which offers them access the to the portal, where all benefits are available. The card can be used in more than 10.000 locations.

How DTSE CZ employees benefit from it? Check out Renata´s experience.