What means work-life fit?


A single definition would most probably be not possible, there is not just one solution, but the real work-life balance varies over time and is influenced by various factors. We all have different priorities and different lifestyles. Therefore, in Deutsche Telekom Services Europe, we want to support all efforts of our employees to properly manage time and energy between work and other relevant aspects of their lives.

As we decided to set Work-Life fit as one of our four pillars, we created an environment where we support the healthy lifestyle of our employees. 

Why did we decide to make it our priority?
We empower our employees by ensuring that “well-being” is the main component of their daily routine and does not become a secondary aspect.
People with flexibility in how they do their tasks have a proactive approach. This means an increase in their engagement towards the organization.
As the Broaden-and-Build Theory explains, positive emotions impact our minds and bodies and play an essential role in our survival.
Barbara L. Fredrickson research has shown that positive emotions build curiosity, drive passion and energize. Employees with a more positive outlook, more satisfied with their work, would also tend to be more productive.

How do we support it?
As a company, we put effort into the research of what makes our employees not only happy but satisfied with their professional lives. Our priority is to ensure the necessary support for this. We can do this, through the institution of work policies, procedures, actions, that make a positive impact.
From stretching activities to fruits and refreshments in the office or flexible working hours, we set up optimized working conditions. Cafeteria plan and multisport card are also part of the Benefits package for our employees. 

To offer to our employees a pleasant work environment is our priority!