Roland took DTSE CZ health offer to the next level!


Roland took the chance and started an important project aimed at improving health offers in Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Brno.

Who are you?

I’m working as a Junior Asset Accounting Expert within the GAA department in Brno. By coordinating and monitoring the closing process we do our best to ensure the consistent application of accounting policies and the compliance with accounting directives, especially for IFRSs. Besides our general goals, I’m responsible for various types of Current Assets related tasks.

How do you feel in DTSE CZ overall?

While focusing on its path of becoming an outstanding entity, DTSE CZ is offering us an inspiring environment, meaning we have space and support to grow and become prominent too. Besides that, the atmosphere within our most direct group of colleagues, the GAA team, including Maria, my senior or my boss Pavol, is very nice. I really enjoy the way we operate with the pervasive feeling of a true team spirit.

How do you perceive personal development in DTSE CZ?

DTSE CZ is a rather young entity, which implies that it is developing rapidly and it brings along some charming career paths. When DTSE CZ tells us that the company is open to innovative ideas, changes, improvements, they really mean it! That’s also the base how I could become a rookie sports ambassador in the office. So that’s in general, while on top of that for me – as an accountant – it is definitely a great thing in the company’s portfolio that it became an ACCA partner and provides us with the opportunity of obtaining that huge pool of knowledge that this organization is offering.    

What do you exactly do regarding Health offers Project?

When I came here, first I just kept on being myself, being a passionate football lover. Then I started to ask around among colleagues and slowly it all worked out. Today I can gladly tell you that DTSE CZ employees are regular visitors of the pitches in Brno while the initiative of playing football grew into something bigger: the Health Offers project. With the support of some other sports-hearted colleagues and our management, we succeeded to set up a framework which now allows all of us to come up with newer and newer sport and/or health-related ideas. According to our agreement, the best ones will have both monetary and promotional support; while I will help the initiators keep things going smooth.

How do you feel about being the leader of the project?

Leading the project enabled me to have a detailed insight into how new processes are designed and it was definitely an interesting experience. However, what we are up to from now on is something different. We have to keep the Health Offers flourishing and I should have a key role in it. I will be the one who encourages colleagues to bring up new ideas, who will help them refining the details and presenting it to the management board, helping with later promotion, collecting feedback and being available in case they need support. Efforts will be needed, but I’m looking forward to it!

Roland is also cooperating with other another colleagues Diana, organizing Yoga and Stretching classes for our employees. Read her story here.