Relocating to Brno? We have got you covered!

Moving to a new city is not easy but is definitely one of the most fulfilling things that you can ever do. Getting to know new cultures and meeting new people is truly rewarding. You can have the chance to realize the world is such a unique place, with so much to offer. When moving abroad it is good to have a support system, but it's also important to know you can do it all yourself.

We want our future employees, moving to Brno, to have a smooth preparation but also a perfect start in their new adventure. This is why with our relocation package, we take care of their first steps in the new city. 

Brno is a dynamic city that has the highest quality of life from all cities in the Czech Republic. The location of #brnoregion is excellent too: you reach your destinations anywhere in Europe on the road or by air in few hours. We proudly belong to the #Brnoregion! 

It is #AboutYou!

Our Relocation Support for new employees coming from abroad is subject to individual agreement during the recruiting process and you have the chance to create your own relocation package according to your personal needs. From childcare assistance or support with finding an apartment, the range of options is wide. We are also gladly helping colleagues with moving their household. 

Want to know more about relocation package? Please do check our open positions, send in your application or get in touch with our Recruiting Team!