#dtseczpeople: Lukáš


Lukáš joined the Digitalization Department of Deutsche Telekom Services Europe in 2019 as a project manager. He told also about his experience with the Erasmus in Iceland and how then he came to DTSE.

Can you name the major difference between the Czech Republic and Iceland?

The people are quite similar. I think people in Iceland keep their distance, and only after you get to know each other a little better, they are friendly. Just like here in Czechia. And both Czechs and Icelanders drink a lot. As far as the country goes the Icelandic landscape is way more dramatic and the distances far longer. Staying there for a long time changes one’s measure of what “far” means. A wintery stay also brings more appreciation for the work of Czech road maintenance.

I say DTSE, you say…?

… CZ, the name is too long.

… pink or magenta as we call it here.

Do you remember your first day with us? What feelings crossed your mind?

Yes, I remember it; it was just a few weeks ago. The day looked very organized. It made a good impression that the documents, equipment and workplaces were all ready. Sometimes these issues are only solved after the newcomer arrives, and that does not look good.

One thing you really like about your job

It rightly combines challenging and intriguing tasks. Altogether there is a lot of potential in the topics we solve here.

What are those things?

I work on the development of virtual assistants to help in the procurement process. These range from helping the agents of customer support to do their work more efficiently to a deal-making bot. DTSE is just at the beginning, but I think it has a very high potential to grow in that field. The goal is to free people from mundane, repetitive tasks.

One thing you don’t like about your job

Sometimes more people or groups are working on the same or similar topics without knowing about each other. But initiatives to mitigate this appear quite often, so it’s getting better.

As a child, what did you want to be?

I wanted to be a scientist, maybe an inventor. I do not recall striving for garbage man or cosmonaut like most kids.

What is your motto?

Who has a personal motto? But I like the one of Mercedes Benz: The best or nothing.

Who is your favourite role model?

Ironman. He relies on his brain and technology instead of supernatural powers and outclasses most of the other heroes. A close second would be Batman for the same reasons.

What is your favourite Guiding Principle and why?

The best place to perform and grow. It sounds optimistic and the tendency to grow is visible here, so it does not seem to be an empty phrase which is often the case for corporate slogans.