My internship at DTSE CZ: Nikola's experience


Meet Nikola, a student of Adult education who recently completed an internship in the HR department. We asked her a few questions about the internship and she answered them in a brief interview.

Why did you apply for an internship at DTSE CZ and what were your expectations?

I study adult education at Masaryk University, and during my studies I have to take part in an internship for 100 hours. The offer of an internship at DTSE immediately caught my eye. I've always wanted to know how internal HR works.

I expected I would do mainly boring paperwork, but I am doing things that I have never done before, and I could try a lot of new and interesting activities.

How did the internship go and what was the content?

I cannot believe that I have already been at DTSE for a month. I honestly really like it, and I hope I will enjoy the rest of my internship as much as I have enjoyed it up to now. The content of my internship was about getting to know how internal systems, recruitment, benefits, contracts, HR projects, and attendance work. I also took part in a Christmas volunteering day prepared by Katka Malcová.

How did you like our company? Could you describe our company’s culture and atmosphere?

I like DTSE very much. From the start, I was very nervous, and I was not sure what to expect. I really like the office space and meeting rooms. I appreciate that the company is trying to keep in touch with employees in these difficult times, and I noticed that communication is a very important factor here. Unfortunately, many people are at home, but when I met some of the employees, they were very nice and friendly.

How was the cooperation with the HR team?

The cooperation with the HR team was great. During the online and offline HR meetings that take place every Monday, I had an opportunity to get to know every member of the team. Everyone was very kind and open to answering my questions, and they accepted me into their team. I am very glad that my mentor, Katka, has always found time to show me and teach me a lot of things that I will use in the future and at school.

What do you take away from your internship and what would you like to do in the future?

From my internship at DTSE, I took away very important facts about myself and my future. Thanks to this experience, I noticed and made myself sure that HR is the direction I will aim for my future career and also my diploma thesis.

Would you recommend a similar experience to other students? Why?

Definitely! If someone is interested in what it feels like to work at HR or if someone already knows that it is the way he or she will want to go in the future, go for it. You can get a lot of important and new information and an idea of what working at HR involves and be part of a super team.