My path to DTSE - Branislav


Stories from colleagues, how they got to our company, how the recruiting process went, and even some tips on how to prepare for interviews.

What’s your role at DTSE?

I am a Data Scientist working in the Digitalization department, more particularly in the Data Analytics Team. My role is to optimize and implement existing process analyses, improve our current process Mining solutions, and look after our data models developed in cooperation with our customers. And as a newcomer, my role is also to understand my roles. 

Why did you decide to apply for DTSE?

I know a few people from DTSE, and they always talked about the company positively. The key aspect I listened to was that being part of DTSE is not only about employment relationship. There are plenty of activities and projects you can be part of. Then, as DTSE is an international company, I am happy to meet and learn from people abroad. My previous jobs didn’t possess that much. I’d like to return to learning German.

How did the application and interview process go for you?

Honestly, I had applied for the job before. In 2019, but I wasn’t doing very well. Why? I didn’t fit all the requirements and had just a little experience. I was a freshman in the labour market. But I tried it again a year and a half later. Or better said, I was recommended for that position by one of my friends, an employee of DTSE.

The second interview process was very fine and quick. Just one month, from my application to the final decision and an offer letter. I got a task to prove some SQL skills and had an interview where I presented my previous work experience and skills. I appreciate that HR Recruiter, Veronika Staňková, and my current manager, Katerína Hložková, asked also about my opinions on the ideal employer, work conditions and personal experience.

What do you wish you’d known when you started the process?

Nothing concrete comes to my mind. I had the advantage of knowing several people from the company. Maybe I was a little nervous, but that is quite common at interviews, I guess. But there was no reason to be at this one. It took place in a friendly atmosphere and I didn’t feel any pressure.

How did the virtual Onboarding process go for you?

It goes fine. My teammates and colleagues are very helpful, and the onboarding process is well prepared. If there are some shortcomings, I can address them at regular 1:1 meetings or common team/company meetings. And I am thankful for my team buddy who teaches me and advises me about the tasks and roles that I will be responsible for. We also meet with my colleagues at several informal virtual meetings and have an opportunity for small talk. I enjoy it as there are a few people from other DTSE departments. 

I think the Home Office will become a greater part of our lives and processes of Virtual Onboarding will be very frequent. Anyway, for me personally, I would like to meet my colleagues face to face, even just a few times per month. Sometimes it is quicker and more comfortable than communication via WebEx or chats.