#dtseczpeople: Lucie


Lucie Satrapová is a Data Analyst, within the Digitalization Department, but also one active member of our Ambassador Program. I asked a few questions about her experience in DTSE CZ.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I would say that the motto: “Every time you can find some humour in a difficult situation, you win”, describes me the best. I usually smile and make jokes no matter what is happening in my life at the moment. Also, I am a student at Masaryk University where I am finishing my last year of Adult Education master’s degree. In the DTSE CZ, I started in the company in July 2020 as a Digitalization Team Intern, and then I grew into a Data Analyst position. I love learning new things, doing creative stuff, and I love people, so I enjoy being around others.

What inspired you to join DTSE CZ?

A friend of mine has been working in DTSE CZ for some time already, and I got really inspired and thrilled about the company when I saw how enthusiastic and excited she was about her job and the company. I searched through the company’s social media profiles such as Welcome to the Jungle, Facebook, or Instagram, and I really liked all the content. It made me feel that DTSE CZ is like one big family, which is something I have always wanted: to work in a place where you feel like everybody likes you no matter who you are or what are you like. And that is exactly the way I feel when working in DTSE.

How would you describe the culture of our company?

Even though I joined the company mid-corona crisis when the office attendance was at the minimum, I felt like the company’s spirit was still up and there was still something going on. It might be a planking session each day at 10:50 when people from all departments gathered to plank or small talks in the kitchen with colleagues, I met that day for the first time, but it felt like we had known each other for eternity. It is the small things that happen daily that make the culture of the company feel so welcoming and ubiquitous.



What is your favourite guiding principle and why?

My favourite guiding principle is “Stay curious & grow”. I love this principle because I am a very curious person, and I love learning new things and seeking new opportunities that can help me improve myself and move forward.

How has DTSE helped you to define your future career?

I study in a slightly different field than I work in now. I must admit that since I have been working in DTSE CZ, I feel like my vision of my future career shifted rapidly. Now, I feel that if I want to, I can do anything. I can see that I am getting better each day and I am trying to make use of every educational opportunity that DTSE CZ is offering in order to get better at what I already do or to learn to do something new. I don’t know for sure what I will do after finishing my studies, but for now; I hope I can find some spot for myself within the company.

As a student, how do you balance the time between study and work?

I am a master student, and there are not as many subjects that I need to complete. I also signed up for most of my subjects in the first semester, so there are few left for me now. A. The last challenge that is left for me is to finish (and actually also start writing) my master's theses. But since I would like to focus the topic on DTSE CZ, I believe I will manage the work/school life balance the way I have been until now.