#dtseczpeople: Vitka


Meet Vitka: member of our Accounting Team and one of our Brand Ambassadors.

Can you tell us more about yourself? I have two strong hobbies, travelling and reading books. If I think what these two hobbies have in common, I have to say they give me the possibility to listen to other peoples` life stories. I find this very inspirational.

For the same reason, I made a traditional pilgrimage to cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in 2019. I walked 300 km, and I traveled alone. During the way, I met people of different cultures and beliefs and with different lives. So if you are a person who likes stories, enjoys travelling and adventure, I recommend you this journey.

What inspired you to join DTSE CZ? When looking for a career change, I wanted to explore something new that I can add to my “experience portfolio“. The telecommunication business seemed to be a good idea. Besides, the company in Brno is still pretty young, which means a lot of positive energy when building up something new. That eventually turned out to be true.

What is the primary focus of your team in terms of projects? My team specializes in the reporting of financial figures. At the moment, most of the projects aim at the standardization and optimization of our processes. The reason is to get our work smooth and accurate.

How has DTSE helped you grow on both a personal and professional level? Becoming part of DTSE, I experienced a new company culture. For me, it was great to see how even a small positive thing can make a difference for the employees and working atmosphere. This is always a good thing to keep in mind - even small things can make a difference.

Which is your perception of Work-Life fit in our company? DTSE definitely cares about work-life balance of the employees. It is not only that the company offers an extra week of vacations and home office. I also feel that I am accepted as a person who has family, hobbies and other personal goals - I am not just an employee. That feeling is important to me and makes me feel comfortable at work.